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i2c Loop

I whipped this up very quickly, if there's only ever 2 devices on the BUS then is should prevent collisions. I don't have 2 or 3 arduino's wired up to try it at the moment.

// Wire Receiver / Sender


int myNodeRef = 1;
int nextNode = myNodeRef+1;

void setup()
  Wire.begin(myNodeRef);			// join i2c bus with address #1
  Wire.onReceive(receiveEvent);		// register event
  Serial.begin(9600);				// start serial for output

void loop()
	targetNode=5;			// want to send a message to device #5
	sendaMsg();			// this is used if I'm sending a message

void receiveEvent(int howMany) {
	while(1 < Wire.available()) {			// loop through all but the last
		int targetNode = Wire.receive();	// get node number message is intended for
		char c = Wire.receive();		// receive byte as a character
		if (targetNode == myNodeRef) {
			Serial.print(c);		// message is for me, print the character
		} else {
			passOnMessage;		// else, pass the message on to the next node

void sendaMsg()
  Wire.beginTransmission(nextNode);		// transmit to device next door (#2)
  Wire.send(targetNode)			// tell #2 message is for targetNode (#5)	
  Wire.send("A");				// send one byte
  Wire.endTransmission();			// stop transmitting

void passOnMessage()
  Wire.beginTransmission(nextNode);		// transmit to the node next door (device #2)
  Wire.send(targetNode)			// tell #2 message is for someone elses node (#5)	
  Wire.send(c);				// pass on the byte received
  Wire.endTransmission();			// stop transmitting


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