New ideas for the frog chanting devices

An early schema that I drew on the whiteboard at Avatar last year

I recently had a few ideas about the frog project. I have an issue with the sound: the ambient sounds of nature are usually very low. This has two consequences.

First, the recorded audio of nature sounds is so low that it becomes really noisy, such that we don't really recognize the sound anymore. To put it clearly: the sound is bad...

Video of Third Absence (prototype)

Third Absence (prototype)

The video of the prototype of the Third Absence, that was created during the Spring 2009 residency at Avatar, is now available online. The images were shot in Morin-Heights in Summer 2009. View it on this post or on my website.

How to get there

The 4th Absence on Crocus Bluff

The "hibernating device" has been installed on the south hill of Crocus Bluff just before my leaving to Beirut. A few of my friends have already seen it. Here are the directions for the people in Dawson who would like to pay it a visit. Please let me know if you enjoy it and if it's still making any sound.

Here's how to get there...

Crocus Bluff

Welcoming panel

Thursday and Friday, I visited a place near Dawson City called Crocus Bluff. It is right next to my house, about 15-20 minutes walk in the mountains. There is a magnificent view over the city, we can clearly see the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon River.


My bedroom's door

I saw a ghost. At 7:30 this morning, I was laying in my bed, half awake. I heard a thud against the door of my room, as if one had suddenly thrust his shoulder on it, or had dropped a backpack or a suitcase. The door opened at suddendly, showing a dark, masculine silhouette, slightly bent forward. It then closed, as fast as it had opened.

Random nature flicks

Lonesome George (source:

Did quite a lot of YouTube browsing the other day. Found a few fun "nature flicks" the kind we like. I like the part in the Raven's intelligence test video where they say that the ravens "use their frustration" as a motivation for taking intelligent actions leading to success. And also these flicks about that old tortoise called Lonesome George, last known individual of the Geochelone nigra abingdoni subpsecies on the Galapagos.

See video
See video
See video
See video
See video
See video
See video



Almost a week since I'm here. The sun sets late at this time of year, days are long but they flow like small streams. I had planned to spend the week to settle things with no direct link with the project here, to make a little room for the coming days. And most importantly, begin to get familiar with the terrain.

Hibernating device

First draft of a hibernating device

For the past few days, I've been thinking over and over about an electronic device that could hibernate. One thing that strikes me here is the very fast pace at which weather and illumination change throughout the year. At this time of the year, daylength is about 14 hours. It will drop by 5 minutes every day until it reaches about only 5 hours by mid-december...

From the world's tip

Dawson City valve chamber building

Friday morning 8:15 am, I landed on the tip of the world. More than 15 hours after leaving Montreal, the turboprop plane from Air North which provided the connection from Whitehorse, landed softly on the gravel runway of Dawson City's national airport.

I met Lance and Tammy at the airport. Tammy is an artist in residence who will share Macaulay House with me until the end of September. Like me, she departed from Montreal, but we have taken different flights to Whitehorse.

Bugged by the frog

A frog met on the way

Long time I haven't written anything on that blog. Since I came back from Quebec City to my place in Morin-Heights, I've been forced to work on everything that I had left on the side during the residency. This was a harsh Summer, rainy, cold and dark. And the animals, especially the frogs, have been pretty quiet.

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