Grand ménage

L'entrée de ma maison à ComPeung, la nuit

Trente-et-un moins six jours avant la fin de ma résidence. À mon retour des montagnes, en visite chez les Lahu pour les fêtes du Nouvel An, j'ai fait un grand ménage de la maison. Je retardais ce moment, je voulais que le projet Première Absence (les "fruits" gonflables) soit complètement terminé. Ce n'était pas encore le cas, enfin, plus ou moins, je croyais que ça marchait mais il reste encore queqlques trucs à régler. Mais la maison était insalubre et puis, voilà, j'ai décidé de laisser aller... il fallait que je reprenne mon élan.

The fruits are in the tree

The fruits are in the tree

Last week pasted so quickly... Friday, I thought we were still on Wednesday. I don't even know when it started. What day exactly did I move to the land, connecting several electrical extensions to get to that lonely little tree in the backyard.

I installed everything. The blowers, the condoms, the wires, the sensors, everything. I even dug the hole to put the electric box containing the precious circuit.

Love story

The caterpillar and the alligator

No comments...

Condom play

Condom shape mockup #3

I tried different ways of installing the condom on the blowers. I don't really want the whole thing to look like a joke, nor like some kind of political sexual statement. I just find the condoms are interesting because of their light material and their shape.

I think the reference to sexuality is interesting as this project has a lot to do with natural cycles, day and night, life and death. But I think the use of condoms can make it a lot obvious, so I'd like to somehow "hijack" the condoms, give them a different look, putting new directions, new impressions in them.

The spirit is in the house

Artificial spirit in the spirit house

Louise, an australian artist in residency at ComPeung, has invited me to contribute to one of her works, a genuine spirit house (see this post for more details about these).

I had this idea of building a simple circuit that would display some sort of autopoiesis, a looping reference to itself. I thus built a simple circuit consisting of an LED and a photoresistor. The circuit follows the following simple, autorefering algorithm:

  x = lightValue()   (1)
  setLedValue(1 - x) (2)
  delay()            (3)

Sunset after sunset

Worked a lot over the past week. Did not have the time to update that journal. I was waiting for the sunset to come.

I need to wait for it everyday. First thing in the morning, I put the circuit out under the sun, letting it wake up, giving the batteries a chance to recharge. The days have a strange shape. I seem to be waiting for the sunset to come for the whole day, measuring the voltage increase as the day goes, doing some internet, writing some code, running simulations.

Technical considerations

Condensation on the circuit

I've worked much on the circuit for the "inflatable condoms" project. I've ran in so many problems. The biggest one is the electrical management. I had to fine tune the length and dynamics of the "heat release" process, that is, the part of the program where, when the sun sets, the blowers start to be activated.

Quelques expériences avec des antennes

Comparaison des signaux d'une antenne

J'ai fait quelques expériences ce matin avec des antennes. Le circuit est très simple: je branche directement un fil dans une des pins analogues du Arduino et je capte les variations. J'ai fait quelques constatations intéressantes.

With a little help from my friend

Mr Joe at work

My friend Wirot (codename "Jo") has been assigned to me by Dr Nipon as my personal engineer for my projects. He's an expert in electronics. When he saw my first drawing of a circuit schematics for my "blower condom" project, he proposed many changes.

Spirit houses

Spirit house in a gas station

Since I arrived in Thailand, I was intrigued by seeing all of those little spirit houses. They're pretty much everywhere, especially near human dwellings such as houses and businesses. They offer a nice place for the phra phum ("the spirit of the house") to stay so that it can bring good fortune on one's property.

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